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"This is the best car repair shop! They do lots more than transmissions, too. I've taken my cars here for years, Don and the guys do outstanding work..."

- Dorothy Kagarise
Monument CO

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Customer Testimonials

The Transmission Clinic staff of transmission service & repair technicians and management realize that our auto repair customers are the most valued asset of our auto repair shop. We are always happy to receive testimonials from shop customers and equally happy to share their feedback with you!

... Their work is done right and their prices are reasonable. Any problems with their work are dealt with immediately and made right. Whenever necessary, I highly recommend them to my customers.
- Robert Hellem, Hellems Auto Repair
Colorado Springs
I wasn't a customer at the Transmission Clinic, I was an employee, I can testify that it is the best equiped and highest knowledgable shop I have ever worked at in 33 years. Dons goal is integrity and service and he goes all the way for his customers, there is no cutting corners. It was a pleasure to work at the Clinic.
- Jim Mandarino
Queen creek Az.
Don & the crew at the Transmission Clinic have supplied the transmission for my race car for three seasons. On asphalt, dirt and the abuse of figure-8 racing, I have not once had a transmission fail.
- Chad Nelson
Canon City, CO
I own a 99 Mustang Cobra and I do a lot of the work on it myself. However, when my clutch started screeching like banshee on steroids and 5 cups of coffee I knew I needed to take it to an auto repair shop. Dropping the transmission to replace the clutch without a car lift is a bit tedious. In the 3 years I've owned my Cobra I haven't found a shop that seemed honest to me. Then I remembered a friend of mine Highly Recommended Don and the Transmission Clinic. So I brought my crying baby of a car. As soon as I pulled up, Don and Tom, the Service Manager, had diagnosed the issue just from the sound. My throwout bearing had exploded and the clutch was probably done. Well, long story short ... You fixed my car in one day and when I picked it up the clutch was so smoooooth, it felt like a new car, AND a drive-line vibration I've had since I bought the car at 5,500 rpm was gone! Whoever had installed the last clutch before must not have done it right. Don also took the time to show me my old clutch and the demolished throwout bearing, along with shooting the breeze and showing me racing videos of he and his kids. I will never take any car I own to another transmission shop. The Transmission Clinic is the Best! Thank you!!!
- Joe Morgan from Monument, CO
Colorado Springs
My husband and I brought his '77 El Camino to the Transmission Clinic on Interpark Dr last month (April 2013) fully expecting the need to have the transmission completely replaced. Don got back to us within a day letting us know that with a just a few minor repairs, she'd be up and going, saving us in the neighborhood of $600!! Sure enough, within a couple of days, she was ready to go. You won't find this kind of honesty and integrity at any shop, my friends. We could've easily been ripped off for hundreds of dollars and never been the wiser. I am so impressed, and would absolutely recommend this shop to anyone. A month later, with some additional repairs/upgrades our Priscilla, as we call her, is running smooth and well on her way to complete restoration! Thankyou Transmission Clinic and Thankyou Don!
- Chevy & Gabrielle Schantz
Colorado Springs, Co
This is the kind of shop you want to go to! I called about two weeks ago (Don, the owner) answered and gave me a quote over the phone to replace the clutch in my 2008 Chevy Colorado. I went in yesterday morning at 9am and dropped the truck off, and had a voicemail this morning letting me know they had finished it, amazing! The truck drives perfect now and the transmission shifts smooth as better. Personalized service, professional mechanics, and accurate work backed with a warranty. I couldn't be happier. AND THE PRICE I PAID WAS THE PRICE HE QUOTED ME! not some jacked up, excuse filled hoopla. Highly recommend these guys and will come back for any future needs.
- Cody Ryder
Ft Carson
Don and his staff, went above and beyond for my sister! A HUGE "Thank You" to all of your staff. The Dickey family greatly appreciates what you did for them. It will NOT be forgotten! God Bless!!!
- Ann McCool
Denver, CO
Don and his staff goes the extra mile to ensure your needs are met. This shop is a first class operation with outstanding support to his customers and our community. His quality of service was demonstrated while servicing my 2004 F350 and my 2000 VW Beetle. I send all I know to him when asked for assistance.
- Herb Maison
Colorado Springs, CO
My family and I went on vacation to Colorado the week of the 4th of July, well the mountains in Colorado were more than our transmission could take. The transmission failed on Monday, we took our van to the shop Tuesday,. Don went out of his way to accommodate me, he had an extremely busy shop and he worked my vehicle in to his schedule so that I could make it back home in time to go back to work, oh yeah they installed my transmission in a day and a half. My vehicle was ready Thursday at noon, I would recommend the Transmission Clinic to anyone with transmission problems. Don and his staff are very knowledgeable and proficient. Don, I would just like to say thank you, to you and your staff, you guys are very professional. Thanks!
- Kyle Hawkins
Albany, Georgia
While traveling on a summer RV trip across America, my 2005 Ford Expedition had a major breakdown in Nebraska. We were pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Worse yet, I was sure the transmission was shot from pulling my travel trailer for over 5 weeks straight. While calling other shops, the best they could commit was to ‘take a look at it next week’. I didn’t have 2 weeks to burn while someone tore my car apart. I then called the Transmission Clinic of Colorado and talked to Don who put me at ease because he committed on the phone to looking at it as soon as I could get it to him. He said he would have us back on the road quickly. He sounded genuine. Based on this, I had my car towed 280 miles overnight to Colorado Springs, Colorado to Don’s shop. At 7:30AM, Don called me saying he was already looking at it! What speedy customer service! At 9AM, he says the transmission is fine, it’s a broken axle shaft that is the issue. He said that’s not really what they specialize in, but he could still perform the repair, if needed. He said a new axle shaft wasn’t in stock in all of Colorado Springs, but he was able to find a used one, and asked if I want to put that in. I said, yes, please! He said he thought I might say that and then told me he had already ordered the part and it was in transit to his shop. Wow! This guy is good! He then called at 3PM and said my car was done and I could pick it up. A one-day fix for a critical issue, how tremendous! The bill was a fraction of what I feared it might be. Don solved my critical problem and didn’t repair more than what was necessary. He saved the day and got my family back on the road. Don’s integrity and customer service excellence are truly world class. I would recommend him and his shop to anyone. Thanks Don!
- Stu Wilbur
Phoenix, Arizona
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