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"My 2002 Toyota Highlander with over 210,000 miles would not shift into the parking gear or allow me to remove the key. On a recommendation from a tow ..."

- Vince Schiappi
Colorado Springs, CO

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Customer Testimonials

The Transmission Clinic staff of transmission service & repair technicians and management realize that our auto repair customers are the most valued asset of our auto repair shop. We are always happy to receive testimonials from shop customers and equally happy to share their feedback with you!

Don and his crew are the most honest people I know. I take every car I buy there. He always takes care of me. His service is the best. The whole shop is awesome. Keep up the great work. it is so nice to know someone who cares.
- Ken Jenson
My 2002 Toyota Highlander with over 210,000 miles would not shift into the parking gear or allow me to remove the key. On a recommendation from a tow truck driver I drove the car to the Transmission Clinic before they opened and called later in the morning to explain the situation. By early afternoon I'd received a call from Don telling me that I could pick up the car - NO CHARGE! They'd found that the red terminal cover from the 12 volt battery had somehow broken loose and fallen into the transmission linkage. Wow! That's the place that will have any future transmission work that I might need.
- Vince Schiappi
Colorado Springs, CO
Awesome shop I took my Jeep there thinking I was going to leave it for the day. But Don looked at it right away and made a cable adjustment at no charge which seemed to correct the problem. Even though the transmission may have a problem it is running smoothly for now. If it needs work this is were it will be done. Don has got it right. If more owners would run there business like Don they would have more customers. Thank You Don
- Patrick White
Colorado Springs
These guys will treat you right. I had my transmission serviced and it was done quickly, correctly and at a good price! Thanks
- Tom Louie
Colorado Springs
I brought in my 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid after my local Ford dealer diagnosed my problem as a bad Transfer Case. My estimated cost to repair was over $4300.00, with no options. Well, I was not a happy camper at all. Got on line, found Transmission Clinic, made the call, Don answered, and made the appointment. I drove 150 miles to see him, and boy am I glad I did. It did turn out to be the transfer case, but never working on a Escape Hybrid before it took him well into the night to confirm the transfer case was the issue. It was going on 5:30pm, car not running, I live 150 miles away. Don hands me the keys to his van so I could go home. Who does that?? Really! On the way home, he calls and says he found the issue, it was the transfer case, he says it will be ready tomorrow. It cost way, way less than the $4300.00 I was quoted at my Ford Dealer. Don and his crew are a fantastic crew to work with. I would recommend Transmission Clinic of Colorado Springs to Pope, he's that trust worth and good.
- Richard Colander
Trinidad, Colorado
Transmission Clinic was referred by our local Bad Rock Auto, our local mechanic up here in Woodland Park. Don at Transmission Clinic walked the good folks at Bad Rock through some diagnosis after we brought our Ford Explorer to them. When the situation required more expertise than they felt they had at Bad Rock, they recommended us to Transmission Clinic. Don and his crew got right on the job and quickly diagnosed the problem. They ordered the part needed the same day as the Ford was brought in and had us ready to get back on the road by 9:00 the next morning. Don and Jessie were absolutely outstanding to deal with. Their timely status updates through text messages kept us informed on what was going on. This is the kind of shop and the kind of people that gives the transmission repair business a good name.
- Lou Ramon
Woodland Park, CO
I had Don do work on my wife's 2002 Dodge Stratus RT. I dropped it off on a Saturday and we went and did some shopping in town, he called while we were shopping and gave us the diagnosis that is was going to need a new transmission. Couldn't believe that he had already looked at it and had it done a couple of days later, we were expecting for it to be down for a lot longer, price was fair too. Thanks Don and crew!
- Justin Richards
Stratton Colorado
I am the owner of a auto repair facility here in the springs. I have dealt with numerous transmission shops in the past and now deal with Don and crew exclusively. Their honesty, quality of work and professionalism are second to none. Always willing to help out with tech questions and such. Thanks Don for all the times you've bailed me out! We do appreciate all the help and assistance you've provided over the years.
- Kevin Kendall / Mobile Mechanical Services
Colorado Springs Colorado
I have known the owner for 30 years. He and his staff are exemplary in the way they conduct themselves in their business. The owner is one of the very few honest businessmen I know. I have never seen him take advantage of a customer. On the contrary, the owner goes out of his way to help his customers as best as he can. This is one of the very few businesses I am at ease with when doing business.
- Larry Luck
Colo Spgs., Colo
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